Meeting Room Policy

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  • The meeting room may be used for civic, educational, and cultural group meetings. Library and library-related activities will take precedence over other uses of the meeting room.
  • Admission fees may not be charged. Any other fees must have the librarian’s approval. The library reserves the right to charge a fee for use of the meeting room.
  • Permission to use the meeting room does not constitute an endorsement of the group or the group’s purposes by the library or the library board of trustees.



  • Applications should be made at least one week prior to the meeting date. Requests will be considered in the order received.
  • Groups may not hold consecutive meetings in the library.
  • Applicants are required to sign or electronically acknowledge the meeting room agreement policy.
  • All programs and activities must be open to the public. Children’s groups (17 and under) must be sponsored and supervised by an adult.
  • Use of supplies or materials that may alter the meeting room furnishings (ex. adhesives, tapes, markers, pins, etc.) must be pre-approved in writing by library management prior to the meeting room event.
  • All food and drink items taken into the meeting room must be pre-approved in writing by library management prior to the meeting room event.
  • Arrangements must be made in advance for the use of library equipment.
  • Receptions may only be set up 2 hours prior to event. Setup and breakdown times, if needed, must be included as part of the timeslot requested for the reservation in order to prevent a conflict with another party’s reservations.
  • Applicants must sign-in at the front desk for their reservation. Problems with the meeting space or supplies should be reported to library staff prior to meeting room use.
  • The applicant will be held responsible for care of the facilities and participants’ conduct during the meeting.
  • Thermostat controls must not be adjusted without prior consent of library staff.
  • Applicants must sign-out at the front desk and let staff know how many persons attended the function.
  • The library is not responsible for property or equipment belonging to a group or group member. Group property may not be stored at the library. Any belongings left at the library will be discarded after goodwill efforts to have the property retrieved by the owner.


Checklist for Meeting Room Inspection

  1. Return all items to storage in their designated locations, configurations, and pre-use condition.
  2. Sweep floors.
  3. Wipe tables and chairs.
  4. Dispose of all garbage in trash receptacles outside the library.
  5. Wash and store used kitchenware.
  6. Check that the oven, coffee pot, and other heating elements are off.
  7. Return thermostat controls to their pre-meeting settings.
  8. Make sure all windows are closed and locked.
  9. Turn off any electronic equipment that was used.
  10. Return borrowed items to the circulation desk.


Groups that fail to follow the meeting room policy are subject to a $40 deposit for subsequent use of the meeting room.