Get a Card

How Do I Get a Library Card?

Patrons may register for a library card at a library branch or via the 'SIGN UP' option available on the library's online catalog at

The number and types of materials available for lending to a patron is based on the patron’s membership type.  A patron’s membership type is based on the patron’s physical address and the forms of identification that the patron is able to supply during the registration process.

The first library card is free.  Replacement cards are $2.00.  Patrons are required to provide a physical library card for access to specific services.

Cards will automatically “expire” every 12-24 months.  Patrons attempting to use an expired card will be prompted to provide updated contact information for their account(s).

Option 1: Apply for a Library Card Online

Patrons who register using the 'SIGN UP' registration option (available at are able to access any of the library's digital resources, but must upgrade their registration to access physical resources.  

Library cards for online registrations are mailed to patrons using the address provided on the online registration form.  Supplying an invalid mailing address may result in a delay in accessing library services.

See the ‘Apply for a Library Card at a Library Branch’ sections for requirements to upgrade from an online registration.

Option 2: Apply for a Library Card at a Library Branch

Requirements for Juvenile Patrons (<18 years old)

  • Juvenile patrons must have a parent/guardian provide identification and authorization for their registration.  Parents/guardians must also maintain a current library registration.
  • Juvenile patrons wishing to use the library’s public access computers must have a Computer Use Agreement on file.  The form can be supplied by the same patron/guardian authorizing the juvenile’s account.  It is only necessary to complete the form once.



This card type is assigned when the patron is

  • unable to provide a second proof of residence (bill, etc.)     OR
  • unable to provide an official government issued photo ID    OR
  • resides outside the library (consortium) service area. 



This card type is assigned when the patron is able to provide

  • an official government issued photo ID. 
  • AND, a utility bill or other “official” document issued to the patron’s physical address, where the address matches the address on the patron’s application/record. All documents must be dated within the current calendar month or the 2 prior calendar months.



Card applications are available at all library branches.  Optionally, forms can be completed online, printed, and brought to the library.  Please note that the ability to complete the forms online is based on the software being used by the applicant.  The signature and staff portions of the applications cannot be completed online.  Applicants who are unable to complete the forms online may still print the forms and complete them by hand.

Adult Application

Juvenile Application (for applicants under the age of 18)

Computer Use Agreement (for applicants under the age of 18)

What If I Don’t Live in Lincoln, Lawrence, or Franklin County?

Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Library (LLF) is a member of the Longleaf Consortium.  This consortium agreement allows citizens who live in one of the following counties to sign up for a LLF card the same as LLF residents:  Copiah, Jefferson, Jefferson-Davis, Marion, Pike, Amite, Walthall.

Patrons who do not live in the counties serviced by the Longleaf Consortium can register for a free BASIC ACCESS card (see section ‘Card type: BASIC ACCESS’).