Newspaper Archives

Newspapers produced before 1923 and select issues between 1923 and 1977 are no longer subject to copyright protection and can be released to the public domain.  Beginning in 2019, the year will roll forward to 1923, in 2020 to 1924, etc.

Access to these resources is funded in part by a LSTA grant from the Institute of Museum & Library Services.

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  • Online resources are available via Google Cloud.  Internet speed will affect access to these resources. 

Franklin County Library

  • Natchez Courier & Adams Jefferson Advertiser 01/11/1833-12/20/1833
  • Southern Progress (Knoxville) 02/02/1889 – 12/27/1890
  • Southern Progress (Garden City) 06/27/1891 – 01/23/1892
  • Franklin County Banner (Meadville) 10/29/1909 – 06/17/1910