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Part of the library’s role in the community is to present educational and artistic exhibits. Community members are encouraged to recommend interesting displays for the library. Items of interest might include artwork, crafts, collections or other items. Library staff will determine appropriateness of items for display in the library and the time during which items will be exhibited.

Artist and craftspeople are encouraged to display their works in the library. Each exhibitor is responsible for preparing and displaying his work. The library is not responsible for any damage or loss. Scheduling is at the library’s discretion. Library activities take precedence over exhibits. Exhibitors are expected to remove items promptly after exhibit period.

The Lincoln County Public Library partners with the Brookhaven Arts Council to plan and schedule four month long exhibits of high quality art each year.

Items left after the display period become the property of the library to be disposed of as the library sees fit. Items belonging to individuals or groups that are not on official display at the library may not be left at the library unattended.

The library accepts donations of high quality or regionally significant art to the library’s collection at the discretion of the library board. All donations become the property of the library.


approved 09.10.2019