Collection Development Policy

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Books and other library materials are selected by the professional staff under the supervision of the Director on the basis of literary merit, informational value and practicability.

In selecting library materials, the staff will be guided in its consideration by the following criteria:

  • the importance of having materials on a variety of subjects and representing many different points of view
  • the authoritativeness of the author or publisher
  • the timeliness and/or permanence of the material
  • the appearance of the title in special bibliographies and indexes

Staff members, library trustees and patrons of the library are encouraged to recommend titles for consideration which will be evaluated on the above criteria.

The library employs the CREW (Continuous Review, Evaluation and Weeding) method for collection management.

The library endorses the Library Bill of Rights and its interpretations as rendered by the American Library Association. 



  • The library staff will make every reasonable effort to obtain any book or other information source for any patron in good standing.
  • Children’s materials are chosen using the same criteria as all other materials. The Children’s Committee, which consists of the Children’s Services Coordinator, Headquarters Librarian and Branch Librarians, meets periodically to discuss weaknesses in the collection and discuss materials and programming for children.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s choice of reading materials. The library supplies material on many topics from which the parent may help the child select.