Laptop Borrowing Guidelines


Laptops are available for borrowing by:

  1. adult patrons (18+ yrs) who are registered for full library privileges, AND
  2. juvenile patrons who are registered for full library privileges if the adult who authorized the registration is also present during checkout

At the time of checkout, the authorized adult borrower must provide:

  • a current (not expired or altered) State of Mississippi ID with current address listed OR a social security card plus one professionally produced piece of mail (no personal mail, junk mail, etc.) that is postmarked within the last 30 days.
  • provide an active personal e-mail account
  • provide an active personal text enabled number

There is a limit of 1 laptop per patron and 2 laptops per family group.  A family group is defined as an adult borrower and all juvenile borrowers authorized and associated with the adult borrower’s account.

A $40 cash deposit may be required if:

  • The patron’s account has not been established for at least 6 calendar months
  • The patron’s account had fines or fees due on the day of checkout
  • The patron’s address, e-mail, or phone number was modified from its pre-recorded setting on the day of checkout
  • The patron’s account was expired more than three calendar months on the day of checkout

Requesting a Laptop

To request a laptop, patrons can visit the Library’s service desk or place a ‘hold request’ via their account access available in the Library’s online catalog. Laptop borrowing requests are generally processed in the order received.  However, the Library reserves the right to prioritize educational use requests over general use requests.

As part of the borrowing agreement, patrons should review the laptop’s operational status before leaving the library facility. Any concerns regarding the laptop’s operational status should be reported to a library staff member for resolution.  Leaving the library facility with laptop equipment denotes confirmation that the laptop’s operational status has been reviewed by the patron and found to be acceptable. Failure to validate a laptop’s operational status may result in otherwise avoidable fines and charges.

Checkouts And Returns

The loan period for laptops is fifteen (15) business days.  A business day is defined as any day that the library facility is open to visitors.

Laptop renewals are not allowed. An uncirculated laptop must remain at the library overnight before it can be checked out again by the same patron or family group.

Laptops must be returned to the library facility and physically handed to a staff member at the service desk.  Laptops will not be cleared from a patron’s account until library staff has been able to provide a preliminary review of the laptop’s condition.  When laptops are returned to the Library, the battery must be charged so that the library staff can provide such a review.  Library staff are not authorized to impede normal library operations to attend to laptops returned without battery operability.  Patrons should notify the Library in advance if they are experiencing problems with the battery’s operation.

Fines and penalties

Failure of the patron to return the laptop by direct handoff to a library staff member at the library service desk may result in loss of borrowing privileges, forfeited deposits, and other applicable fines.

Fines are assessed for damage to equipment that is caused by the patron’s improper handling or treatment of the library equipment.



Operable Laptop with damage

$50 immediate fine applied to account with potential fine adjusted to $30-$250 after additional examination of damage

Inoperable Laptop 

$50 immediate fine with potential fine adjusted up to $400 after additional examination of damage

Power Cord (2 part)




Laptop Battery


External Mouse


Help Guides



Late Returns

Laptops not returned within 15 business days will be subject to a $15 per day fine for up to 5 business days ($75 maximum overdue fine).

Unreturned Laptops

Laptops not returned within 20 business days of the original checkout date will be considered missing.  Patron accounts associated with missing laptops will be charged the full replacement cost of the laptop equipment in the amount of $400.00.  All library privileges will be suspended.

Missing laptops may be reported to law enforcement agencies, resulting in possible law enforcement and legal action.