Laptop Borrowing FAQ

The laptops do not have a built-in data connection or plan. In order to use the Internet, patrons need to connect to Wi-Fi using a home or business network. Software applications that do not require an Internet connection will function without connecting to Wi-Fi.

The laptops can be used for checking email, accessing online accounts, finding information, writing documents, completing homework, participating in group session, looking for jobs, and much more.

Patrons will need to save their work to an external storage device or cloud-based storage. The laptops return to a default state when they are powered off. All information is deleted and no login information, documentation, or data is stored.  Flash drives are available for purchase at the Library’s service desk.

The laptop will not allow installation of personal programs.

Peripheral devices often require the installation of support software in order to work properly.  The laptop may not allow installation of such software.  As an alternative, the printer selection ‘save to pdf’ may be useful for creating digital copies of your printouts.  These digital copies can be saved to an external storage device or cloud-based storage. These copies may be e-mailed to and picked up in-person at the library.  Standard printing fees will apply.

The laptop does not have a drive for DVDs or CDs.

The laptops are equipped with anti-virus, firewall, and control settings to protect the laptop equipment from infection. 

Patrons should bring malfunctioning equipment to the Library’s service desk and be prepared to demonstrate the nature of the malfunction.  Phone support is not available.

Patrons using mobile/cellular data may experience slow data when in an area that does not have good connectivity. Wi-Fi connectivity may experience lags and connectivity issues.

The Library’s laptop lending program provides personal computing equipment so that patrons can work independently.  The Library is unable to provide individualized computer training for library patrons.

The laptop is covered by a warranty that will cover the cost of repair if the laptop malfunctions.  If the laptop is damaged by accident or neglect, the patron will be charged the minimum cost required to repair or replace the equipment. 

All Internet accessible library equipment is configured for compliance with the Library’s Internet Access Policy.  Patrons are strongly encouraged to report any concerns with the performance of the laptops’ monitoring service.  Patrons who need access to blocked websites for bona fide reasons may utilize the Library’s public access computer equipment and request that the block be bypassed until the required activities are completed.