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Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Library (LLFRL) invites local authors to donate one copy of their published work for inclusion in the Community Collection. (This collection may also be referred to as the ‘Special Collection’.) The purpose of this collection is to support and promote local self-published authors within our community as well as self-published materials related to LLFRL’s service communities. Materials in this collection will be displayed at the library at a designated location and be made available for checkout by library patrons.


  • Author must be a resident of Lincoln, Lawrence, or Franklin counties in Mississippi or the content of the material must target one of these counties
  • All donated materials must be in new or like new condition
  • The Library will accept only one (1) copy of any title per branch location
  • Submissions must be professionally printed and bound. Spiral bound items, pamphlets, textbooks, and workbooks will not be considered for the collection
  • Author represents and warrants full ownership and/or legal rights to publish all information in the material, including artwork.

All unsolicited materials submitted without associated Community Collection Donation forms will be considered as donations and are subject to the Library’s standard acceptance and disposal measures. 

Submission of the form does not guarantee selection. All materials must be approved by the Library prior to being added to the Community Collection. All materials submitted for the Community Collection will be treated with the same selection guidelines that the Library uses when purchasing materials.

Materials selected for inclusion into the collection become property of LLFRL and are subject to the same standards and retention schedule as other library materials.

Donors may be asked to provide a graphic (.jpg, .png files only) and an author bio (one paragraph) to be shared on LLFRL’s social media accounts.

Materials that are submitted but are not added to the collection may be picked up at the Library within thirty (30) calendar days of the Library’s e-mail notification to the author.  Materials left after the 30 day window are subject to LLFRL’s standard disposal procedures.

If the Library chooses to buy additional copies of the donated materials, those copies may be purchased from a resource other than the donating author.


Submit a copy of the donated material along with an accompanying Community Collection Donation form to any of LLFRL’s library branches.  

Library staff will provide an e-mailed receipt confirmation of donated materials within seven (7) business days.

Library staff will provide an e-mailed status confirmation of the donation within thirty (30) calendar days.


Approval for signing events requires that the associated material(s) have been added to the Library’s Community Collection.

Signing events are limited to two (2) events at each library branch per author per year.

When promoting new materials, it is recommended that authors submit their Community Collection Donation form at least 30 days prior to any requested event date to ensure (1) that ample time is available to receive confirmation of the material’s addition to the collection before scheduling any signing events and (2) promotional materials are available to assist with the advertisement for the event.


Approved 03.08.2022