Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Library

Internet Access Policy


Mission. The Internet is a tool or resource to be used to achieve the Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Libraryís stated mission (approved June 3, 1991):


†††††††††† The purpose of the Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Library is to provide library service to all citizens of Lincoln Lawrence and Franklin Counties. The library's primary thrust is education, particularly self-education, but it will supply recreational materials as well.


Policy. It shall be the policy of the Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Library to provide Internet access for the general public for research and educational use only subject to the regulations detailed here.


Compliance. Users of the Internet at the Lincoln Lawrence Franklin Regional Library must comply with these regulations. Willingness to comply will be indicated below. Lack of compliance will prevent access.


Regulations. The materials in the general collection of the library have been carefully evaluated and selected to serve the needs of the community. The Internet contains a wealth of information with no control of users or content. The library has no control over the Internet and cannot be responsible for its content.Resources on the Internet may be inaccurate, outdated, biased, or controversial. Material some users will find objectionable is on the Internet. The user is responsible for using the Internet responsibly. Use the Internet at your own risk.


The user shall not view material inappropriate in a public, library setting.


Library Internet access may not be used for illegal activities. Users shall comply with all laws concerning copyright. Users shall not misrepresent themselves, harass others or attempt to violate system security. Users will not change or attempt to change any of the settings, configurations or files in the computers. Library computers may not be used for commercial purposes. Users are responsible for any damaged or missing equipment. Users must ensure their activity does not improperly restrict, inhibit or degrade any other userís use of the services, nor represent an unusually large burden on the network itself.


Users may not download or introduce their own software, disks or external equipment to library computers. Read only disks and portable USB memory devices may be used with approval of library staff.


Children and the Internet. The library does not act in place or in absence of the parent or legal guardian. The library is not responsible for enforcing any restrictions which a parent or guardian may place on a minorís use of the Internet.


Children under the age of 18 must have parental approval before accessing the Internet. Approval is indicated by the parentís signature on the childís compliance form. Parents are responsible for the actions and behavior of their children.


Children age 12 and under must have a parent or guardian present at the computer at all times during use of the Internet.


Services and Availability. Local users must present a valid library card to use library computers. Non-residents must provide photo identification.


Internet access is provided by the library as a research and educational tool with access through the World Wide Web (WWW). The library will not provide electronic mail accounts (E-mail) for users. E-mail accounts (such as Yahoo, HotMail or other free services) may be accessed but may not reside on the libraryís server and may not come to the libraryís E-mail account. The library is not responsible for the content or management of E-mail. Users are responsible for limiting Internet use to educational purposes and following library policy. Information sent over the Internet is not secure. Credit card numbers, passwords, childrenís identities and other personal information can be obtained and misused by others.


While library staff want to be as helpful as possible, they can not provide extensive training or assistance to users.


Use of library computers shall be limited to 30 minutes when others are waiting.


Printing from library computers is available for 10 cents per page. Users are responsible for paying for every page sent to the printer. There may be a delay between sending a print command and receiving a response. If you do not understand how to selectively print, ask library staff to help.


Users of wireless devices should have and utilize current anti-virus and firewall software on their devices. Users agree to hold the library harmless for any damage to their hardware or software or for the loss or compromise of any data that may result from use of library services.


Any disruption of regular library function, related to the Internet or otherwise, will result in immediate expulsion from the library and the loss of library privileges.

Approved and adopted September 18, 1997

Revised June 17, 1999

Revised and adopted September 20, 2007